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Diagnosing Garage Door Trouble

What is that sound? Why won't your garage door close? It isn't always easy to figure out why your garage door isn't working, which is why I put together this website. I have been installing doors for several years, and I can tell you that garage door problems are some of the toughest issues out there to resolve. In addition to working with complicated motors and difficult panels, you might also find yourself struggling with remote control issues. On my blog, you can learn how to diagnose trouble, so that you aren't left trying to solve illusive, seemingly impossible problems.

Diagnosing Garage Door Trouble

    3 Garage Door Options To Consider And Their Benefits

    One of the most difficult parts about replacing or installing a garage door is determining which material would be the best fit for you and your budget, mostly because there is a wide range of available options that each provide their own unique set of benefits. Listed below are three garage door options and the benefits that they provide in order to help you narrow down your choices. Steel One of the best materials at your disposal if you want a garage door that is extremely durable is steel.

    Is Your Home's Garage Door Properly Balanced? How To Find Out

    Your home's garage door gets used almost every single day. If you leave the house at least once a day, the opener runs 4 times for a total of almost 1,500 operations each year. With it getting used so often, you want to make sure that the garage door has been properly balanced. Why A Balanced Garage Door Matters When your garage door has been balanced, it allows the springs to effectively counter-balance all of the garage door's weight.

    Garage Door Track Troubleshooting and Repair

    Issues with your garage door track can lead to a poorly functioning door or a garage door that refuses to operate at all. Fortunately, you can often repair a track issue on your own, and if not, it is usually a simple fix for a professional repair tech. The following guide can help you find and fix any track issues. Symptoms of track problems The exact symptoms of an issue can vary depending on the track problem.

    Tips For Choosing The Best Garage Door Material

    Trying to pick the perfect garage door can require a bit of planning. Not only do you need to know what is available, you also need to figure out what you like and which of those options will work best for you. The following guide will walk you through the three major choices – wood, vinyl, or metal – and help you determine which is the one for you. Option #1: Wood

    Three Habits That Can Extend The Life Of Your Garage Door

    Knowing a reputable garage door repair service that can visit your home to fix a broken garage door is ideal, but it's also beneficial to take steps that reduce the likelihood of needing this service. While your garage door can occasionally develop issues beyond your control, taking a series of maintenance steps can increase the chance that your door operates as long as possible without any problems. You don't have to be particularly adept with general home repairs to perform these three jobs that can extend the life of your garage door.

    Advice For Securing Your Home

    When it comes to protecting your home from burglars, there are a few things you can do that will help you to keep it safer. Taking the appropriate steps can provide you with a home that you and your family feel more secure with, both while you are in the house and when you leave it. Read this article for advice on better securing your house. Put up a fence: A fence around your property will help to keep burglars from thinking your home is an easy target.

    How To Paint Your Garage Doors For A Faux Wood Look

    Custom wood garage doors are not cheap, but they sure are gorgeous. They can add value to your home, as well as up the aesthetic appeal to any home. If a custom wood door is just not in your budget (like most people), you can opt to turn your plain garage door into a faux wood door all by yourself with some paint and a handful of other tools. See below for instructions on how to create this faux wood look.

    How To Prevent Garage Door Spring Failures

    A garage door spring failure is something that doesn't have to happen, if you can help it. In fact, it's probably one of the most preventable of failures when it comes to your garage door components. The following offers a few helpful tips you can use to stop garage door spring failures before they happen. Check the Date Like everything else in life, your garage door components have a finite life cycle.